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Price for Banners
Standard Banner 468 x 60 Link Exchange size of 10kb or less: $15.00
Sample banner 10kb or less

ANIMATED Banner 468 x 60 Link Exchange size 10kb or less: $20.00
Sample banner ANIMATED 10 kb or less

Flash Banner or Header

Banner Request...
Please send me an e-mail here:
[email protected]
With the following information

Your name

Your email address: (e.g.: [email protected])

Your company ( if applicable):

Please tell me what you wish it to say.  Be as specific as possible
(ie company logo name, product) 

Do you have a specific Color for the Logo OR Banner
If so Please state the color you would like to use

Do you have a specific Font (ie. Verdana, Arial etc)
If so please state the Font

Do you want a Standard Banner ? ( 468 x 60)
Do you want an Animated Banner ? (468 x 60)

Is this for a Business Logo?

Is this for Personal use Or Link Exchange  

**Please give me a brief description as to what you want (ie Special font, Colors, Size Company logo)
(*see examples below* )

If you do not hear back from me within 24 Hours please email me at the Addy

More samples available to view here

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