"Business SHOPPING FOR A WEB DESIGNER; Having a Web site has become a marketing essential. So how does a business find the right designer to create the Internet presence?"
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Hi and welcome to my Bio page.  With this page I hope I can answer some of your questions regarding what I CAN do and CANNOT do for you.

First let me say that I live in Virginia Beach VA. Have been married for 37 years, am owned by 4 West Highland White terriers ( Westies for short). We have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. 

I love working with the computer and creating for people.. If you wish for any more information you can email me and I will be happy to fill you in!! I have been designing Web pages now for about 4 years I enjoy my work and I am proud of the pages that are completed. 
Now on to what I can do for you!!

Programs and recommendations
Paint Shop Pro 9 (graphic enhancement)

Photo Impact 8 (Graphic, web pages, etc)

Front Page 2003 (Web Generator)

Microsoft Publisher 2003

Web Hosting with MJR Solutions (Highly recommended)

I have Microsoft XP, and Netscape 6.0

Client references upon request!

I will set up your site with the required number of pages and links, graphics and what ever it takes to get you up and running a great site as per the pricing that is currently on the Pricing site.

I will do my best for you and help you to maintain your site with the most up to date search engines, and shopping carts available.

I am always willing to learn and to pass this on to my clients so their sites are the best that they want them to be.

If any of these facts interest you and you would like my help,

Please visit my Main Site and from there you can view many more of my locations as well as links to current completed Web sites..

Contact Information:

Susan Jensen
2013 Juanita Court,
Virginia Beach, VA. 23456

Tel #
Contact Me : [email protected]

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